Catch Me Cookin' is an outlet for those who need some quality time with their loyal friend FOOD! As a young professional working and going to school, I always find myself at peace in the kitchen.  On this blog I will be sharing some of the meals that have provided me therapy! Whether it is whipping up some delicious tacos for dinner or waking up on Sunday morning to make cinnamon-banana pancakes, these recipes will not let you down




About Me!

Hello! My name is Ashton Nawas. I currently live in Nashville, TN with my husband and our two cats and dog! Yes, we live in a zoo. My husband and I are originally from Louisiana. Louisiana will always be our home, but we really love it here in Nashville. Both places have delicious food and a deep culture so we are content! 

I started cooking about five years ago, when I lived in my first apartment in college. Before that, I lived in a dorm. I had to always eat out and just wanted a home cooked meal so I took advantage of the opportunity when I finally had a kitchen to myself. I gained my knowledge from cooking by watching the Food Network, googling recipes, or calling mom up for meal she made us growing up!

Now that I am "adulting," working full time and going to school part time the kitchen has become my little sanctuary. Whenever I feel stressed, overwhelmed, or even just bored I always find myself in the kitchen. I want to share this sanctuary with other people by creating this blog. I would love to connect with those who may feel the same way I do or just simply want to learn more about cooking!